Puro Fair Trade Coffee Review

Puro Fairtrade Coffee - Organic, Shade Grown, Socially Responsible

Coffee is one of those things in my life…just smelling it brings me to a happy place.

While I could easily drink coffee all day. especially when it is chilly outside…I limit myself to a cup or two in the morning.  But I would happily brew it for someone else just to SMELL it!!

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was a teenager and lattes were all the new rage.  Of course back then, it was gobs of some sort of syrup to cover up that coffee flavor.  As I got older, I started asking for less syrup (I mean seriously, have you ever seen how much syrup of chocolate they put in a standard drink at Starbucks…YUCK!). Then I moved on to just adding some cream to my coffee as a new graduate and new teacher.  When my first daughter was born and couldn’t handle dairy…I dropped the creamer and have never looked back!Puro Fairtrade Coffee - Organic, Shade Grown, Socially Responsible

I make some pretty strong coffee too…but I am very picky about flavor.  It must be rich, full bodied, and not bitter.  Smooth.  In fact, if it is not superb, I just won’t drink it….really.

Enter Puro Fairtrade Coffee.  I happily accepted a sample pack to taste as I loved the things I was reading about their philosophy:

  • The Fairtrade Foundation has set the standard to help lift working conditions and improve the lives of millions of people that work in the coffee growing dependent communities in the developing world. We recognise the need for Fairtrade and are both committed and proud to pay fair prices for all of our coffee beans.
  • Organic certification helps to ensure that coffee is grown in the way that nature intended. No artificial fertilisers or chemical agents, crop rotation and weeding by hand. It also encourages the composting of all waste to create organic means of adding nutrients back into the soil.
  • Shade grown coffee encourages the preservation of trees native to the area or re-planting of trees that once stood on the land to provide this essential shade. This is great for biodiversity and helps enable growing coffee in harmony with the environment.

Better yet, with their profits, they actually have multiple social initiatives they are working on too!  Watch one of their videos to learn more, some really great things happening!

Puro Fairtrade Coffee - Organic, Shade Grown, Socially Responsible

This is a coffee I am happy to put my money behind.

Every coffee variety we tasted was wonderful.  Full, rich, and luscious.  If you are a coffee drinker, you will LOVE this coffee!Puro Fairtrade Coffee - Organic, Shade Grown, Socially Responsible


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  1. Hello Tessa, How did you order this coffee?

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