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A Whole Foods/Allergy Friendly Kitchen Tour w/ Organizing Tips

 Here is my kitchen on a typical day, no staging! In this post, I share my kitchen with you in the hopes you might be able to glean an idea or two to use in YOUR space!  What does a

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Organizing Tip: How To Organize a Pantry

In the new year, many of us get a fresh burst of organizing zeal.  Probably after all the ‘stuff’ of Christmas, most people are ready  for a clean space…and I am no exception.  A very common misconception out there is

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats-Refined Sugar free (Plus a lunchbox organizing tip!)

Chocolate Peanutbutter Rice Crispy Treats-Refined Sugar free (Plus a lunchbox organizing tip!)

As I gear up for the school year and the new responsibility of making sack lunch 5 days a week…I have been mulling over lots of of ways to make this easier on myself.   I know I have lots of

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Money-Saving Tip: Bulk Online Buys/Finding Space

  Buying in bulk is not a new idea.  In my old house, I couldn’t buy as many food items in bulk because there simply wasn’t the storage.  In fact we had SO little storage, I had to get rid

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Organizing Tip: Maximize Closet Space

Bins for outgrown/diapers/wipes/blankets/sheets, etc A recurrent theme in my organizing world is “utilizing vertical space.” Very often, peoples brains forget to think about all the square footage available for storing ANYTHING!!  For today, I am looking at sliding closets.  The

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Organizing Tip: Maximize Your Drawer Space

Here’s a before picture This is one of those really gratifying organizing projects.  It takes almost no time to complete, can double your drawer space, and makes everything super easy to find. For whatever reason, almost everyone of us piles

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Organizing Tip of the Day: Charging Station

In today’s day and age, who doesn’t have a gazillion cords lying around to charge the various electronics in our household?!!  And here is a news flash:  lots of little black cords strewn over a surface don’t look pretty!  One

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Organizing Tip of the Day: Menu Planning

If someone asked you if you would like to save money, time, and stress, you’d most likely say yes,right?  Eating is a fact of life: we gotta do it people!!  And if we have a family too….well that is more

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