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Please note I excluded the kid friendly, lunchbox, and vegan labels here as the vast majority of my recipes ARE these things!…it’s the nature of what I do: make good, allergy-free food appropriate for families!

Last Updated 8/4/2015






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11 comments on “My Recipes
  1. Amber says:

    Great job on your recipe index Tessa!! I love how you set it up. Very user friendly. You have such a wonderful variety of recipes. I love seeing them all in one place. :-)

    Be Well,

  2. rachelle greene says:

    while i have not yet had the opportunity to try any of your recipes, i am planning to do so (possibly) this weekend. i only tonight discovered you, through a link from for your “Gluten Free Healthy Cake Doughnut recipe.

    your cooking style appears to be much like mine, and i feel confident i will love your ideas! while perusing your recipe lists, i came upon “Root Vegetable Pot Pie,” and want very much to see what that is, but the link takes one to “Not-So-Traditional Shepherd’s Pie.” when i checked to see if the links had just been transposed, i found that the “Shepherd’s Pie” link also goes to the “Not-So-Traditional Shepherd’s Pie” recipe.

    i am telling you so that you can address the goof, and so that i can have access to that pot pie recipe! (really looking forward to that!!!)

    have a great day, and thanks for sharing your inspirations and ideas!

  3. Jessica says:

    so, I’m excited to try some great new recipes! The zucchini bread sounds amazing! But please tell me? Any corn free recipes out there? Baking powder and powdered sugar, I know, are heavily cornstarch based! Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jessica! We can’t do corn either. I have homemade recipes for baking powder AND sugar, under miscellaneous tag. But Lately the vast majority of organic powdered suagr out there is using tapicoa and not corn now. And my natural foods store has a baking powder in bulk made with tapioca too.

  4. do you have any recipes using tef flour?
    I have a friend that has many health issues and her doctor
    rec. that she use teff flour.
    my thanx for any info.

  5. Eileen says:

    I read somewhere about your Easy Pumpkin Ice Cream and don’t see it in your recipes. Any chance of you sharing that recipe?

  6. Sheryl says:

    Love your website! So many delicious recipes! I have horrible allergies and have tried everything, including allergy shots, with no success. I saw an infomercial on Wheat Belly and have purchased the book and am beginning the program. Grain-free recipes are not easy to find and so many are unappealing. Your recipes not only sound and look good, they are so easy to follow. Thank You.

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My name is Tessa, and I have learned to cook without almost all major allergens! I have a focus on making family foods as healthy as possible. Real food is my obsession. Gluten free, casein free, vegan, Paleo, sugar free: I have a little of something for anyone with restrictions., Take a peek, you're sure to find something delicious, and if you need any help, I am always willing to help you tweak things to YOUR tastes and dietary needs!

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