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Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Paleo Pumpkin Pie-6921

  My whole family was in absolute heaven when I created this recipe…a pie you can swoon over, and not feel too guilty about eating!  My daughter exclaimed, “If all my vegetables tasted like this, I wouldn’t even eat my

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Paleo Raspberry or Strawberry Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Sauce


Some of you may or may not know, but I have been a contributing writer over the The Happy Housewife for some months now.  And since my blogging schedule has screeched to a halt with the craziness of summer and

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Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Tart & The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook #Giveaway

Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Tart (1 of 1)

We have another home run folks!! The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, 3rd Edition is out and better than ever!  (To win your own copy, go the bottom!) It is THE bible of anyone trying to use food to feel well.

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Healthy Christmas Cookie Round Up


Today I get to share a great round up of cookies put together by Sandra from With Christmas cookie baking upon us all…finding a cookie that won’t sabotage your best intentions is important! Here is compilation of cookies with a little

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Paleo Pumpkin Persimmon Smoothie or Pudding

Paleo Pumpkin Persimmon Smoothie or Pudding-4700

I have been sitting on this recipe since last year.  Persimmons were a totally new fruit to me last year.  I had heard of them, but never tried them.  When I saw a recipe featuring these vibrant orange fruits, I

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One Healthy Chocolate Cake – Gluten Free & Vegan

One Healthy Chocolate Cake - Gluten Free & Vegan-3918

This has quickly become a favorite cake in our household.  Be it for a healthier after school snack, or slathered in some frosting for a birthday cake treat. In fact we did that recently for my son’s birthday, and all

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Pumpkin Bars w/ Caramel Frosting – Gluten Free & Vegan

Pumpkin Bars w- Caramel Frosting Gluten Free & Vegan-4027

  With the kick off of the Fall season looming ever nearer, I baked up the first of my winter squash/pumpkins.  Have you ever tried fresh pumpkin puree?  The flavor is so mild and sweet compared to the strong canned

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles by Ali Larter

Vegan Truffle Balls w/ Paleo Option

Today’s recipe comes to you via Ali Larter, author of a new and upcoming book, Kitchen Revelry. Many of you may know her in a completely different capacity: actress extraordinaire!  My favorite roll of her was in the now gone

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Dense & Fudgey Chocolate Brownies – Paleo, Vegan & Nut Free!

Paleo Vegan Brownies-2828

This post was shared on Go Ahead Honey It’s Gluten Free over at And Love It Too.  Sunny’s theme this month was Paleo Travel Foods!! I learned something about my body during my 100% Paleo trial last summer: me and

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Paleo Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Truffles


This post was shared with Paleo Parents as part of their ongoing Guest Blogger series! Chocolate is one of those grey areas in the Paleo world.  Most conventional chocolate has sugar and soy.  Many have chosen to use the darkest

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