Root Vegetable Chicken Pot Pie, Gluten & Dairy Free w/ Vegan & Paleo Options

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Chicken & Root Veggie Pot Pie w- Vegan & Paleo Opt - Gluten & Dairy Free-5013Pot pies were never really my thing growing up.  Everyone in the family seemed to love them, and I didn’t hate them, but they didn’t get me excited.

THEN….. I met this one.

Years ago I found the original recipe in a Cooking Light magazine.  I greatly adapted it even then, and as luscious as that original puff pastry crust was over the top……I needed to tweak it yet again.

Unlike typical pot pies, this one has a single crust over the top. I like it this way as I don’t have to get fancy with the rolling of crust (not my forte!), but I have made this with top and bottom crusts too.  I actually prefer to make individual pies within ramekins: cuter and easier to eat!

Do what you like! If you need help making or working with crust, or if you’re just looking for some inspiration, you might want to check out

For those of you who missed my story on Facebook, there is a funny story behind my photo op for this recipe.  I had just a little filling leftover, and had made a tiny bit of crust to bake up for the pictures during nap time.  I had started taking pictures when the UPS man arrived with my new photo light.  I was so thrilled, I immediately set about putting it together for a test drive. When I went to retrieve my pot pie, as I walked into the room, my 7 year old daughter (who was supposedly doing her homework mind you) proudly exclaims, “Ta DAH!!!!”  In my absence, she had ‘helped’ do a little staging of her own by stabbing the whole pie up with a fork!  A las…not tons of choices in the picture department to pick from, but you get the idea!  Can any of you relate?!

I have four crust recipes I have used for this:

  1. Flaky Paleo Pie Crust @ Tessa the Domestic Diva – this is one I created myself and we love it!!
  2. Patee Brisse (Gluten/Dairy Free) @ Brittany Angell – Holy perfect pie crust Batman!!  You would never dream that this is anything but the real thing, it is so darn flaky and perfect…AND you can work it to death with no issues.
  3. Grain Free/Egg Free Pie Crust @ The Spunky Coconut
  4. Gluten Free Vegan Pie Crust @ Gluten Free Girl – tastes traditional and buttery
  5. Paleo/Vegan Easy Roll Pie Crust @ Real Sustenance – super easy to work with with a lovely, biscuit-like texture and buttery flavor from the almond flour

This recipe is so amazing, I never would have guessed a pot pie recipe would make it into my tattered and well-loved recipe notebook…but it has…and it is used again and again.


VEGAN NOTE: This recipe is easily made vegan by eliminating the chicken completely and using your favorite veggie broth.  Add an extra cup or two or chopped root vegetables of choice!

PICKY EATER?  If you let the root vegetable steam a bit longer…you can mash them up so there are no visible vegetable chunks for picky eaters.

PALEO?  Simply use more of any root vegetable to replace the white potato.  To thicken, use 2 tablespoons arrowroot or tapioca starch along w/ 2 tablespoons coconut flour.  Add more of either if you like it thicker!

Chicken & Root Veggie Pot Pie w- Vegan & Paleo Opt - Gluten & Dairy Free-5023

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Root Vegetable Chicken Pot Pie, Gluten & Dairy Free w/ Vegan Option
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
  • Crust of choice (see links above)
  • 3 cups broth of choice
  • 2 cups peeled sweet potato, ½" cubes
  • 1½ cup peeled potato, ½" cubes (could replace with any favorite root vegetable)
  • 1 cup peeled celery root, ½" cubes
  • ½ cup peeled parsnip, ½" cubes
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 cup frozen peas (optional)
  • ½ cup Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour or other rice flour (for grain-free, sub a mix of arrowroot, tapioca, or coconut flours...this is just for thickening)
  • 1½ cup UNSWEETENED milk of choice
  • 1 1b boneless chicken, cubed
  • ¼ cup chopped parsley
  • 2 teaspoons thyme
  • 1½ teaspoons salt
  1. Prepare your crust, or use a preferred store bought one.
  2. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  3. In a large stockpot, heat the broth and all the vegetables minus the peas to a simmer. Cook for about 5 minutes, then add in the chicken chunks and peas. Simmer for additional 5 minutes until the vegetables are tender the chicken is cooked. Remove the veg and chicken with a slotted spoon and set the broth back on the stove.
  4. In a liquid measuring cup, whisk the milk and flour. Pour into the simmering broth, whisking. Stir in all the seasonings. When the mixture is thick, stir the vegetables and chicken back in.
  5. Pour the creamy filling into a greased pie plate, or one lined with a prepped crust (some crusts must be par-baked and if you choose to do this route, follow the crust recipe's directions). Roll the crust out and place over the top of the filling. Alternately, you can place random chunks of the rolled out crust over the top.
  6. Bake for about 30 minutes until the crust is golden and the filling is bubbly.


 Chicken & Root Veggie Pot Pie w- Vegan & Paleo Opt - Gluten & Dairy Free-5010

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When her third child was born with severe food allergies, Tessa took to the kitchen to figure out how to feed her family well. Always up for a culinary challenge, their journey has taken many twists and turns! Lots of Paleo, and lots of top 8 free. Good food for families, that's what she's about!

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16 comments on “Root Vegetable Chicken Pot Pie, Gluten & Dairy Free w/ Vegan & Paleo Options
  1. I love chicken pot pie – post-GF, it was one of the first foods I started to mourn (I like to use a puff pastry crust). Thanks for testing both pie crusts – I’d looked at Gluten-Free Girl’s recipe, too, and am happy to hear it turned out well!

  2. Amber says:

    Hi There Tessa,

    This looks fabulous! Another great dinner idea!! I’ve also tried Kelly’s crust., so I look forward to trying Gluten Free Girl’s option. The crust really makes the pot pie, no! Thanks for a great recipe Tessa.


    And…pinned it baby! :-)

  3. Stacie says:

    Hi Tessa,
    zuuzs is hosting a Spring Recipe Challenge and I’d like to invite you to join! It’s a great opportunity for you to promote your blog and showcase your recipe in front of thousands of people. Plus, there’s prizes including a $500 Gift Card for the Grand Prize and three $200 Gift Cards as the top Category prizes you can use to buy kitchen related wares.

    Please visit this post full contest details and how you can participate:

  4. Katie says:

    Tessa- That pot pie looks fabulous! I wanted to tell you that the link for the photo light is broken :( Thought you’d like to know!

    • I fixed it..and thank to you I have discovered that none of the links amazon was giving me are working! Now to go back and fix them and see what in the heck is going on! Thanks Katie! PS, that pot pie IS fabulous! a little late in my timing on posting it, but with are cold and rainy Spring, this still fits the bill!

  5. I love all the healthy veggies in this recipe. It’s always nice to have some gluten free options. We are intolerant, but we do limit our consumption.

  6. Rogene says:

    I’ve always used a biscuit topping for pot pie, but I think I’m going to try a crust. Yours looks really good.

  7. Lisa says:

    This looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  8. April Harris says:

    My son is older and has studied photography, so he actually takes a lot of the photographs for my recipes…but I can sympathise with the fork episode! Your pot pie still looks delicious though!

    It’s lovely that this recipe is so allergy friendly, and I always enjoy the combination of chicken and root vegetables. The stronger flavour veggies are really enhanced by the mild chicken.

  9. Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasures’ Make Your Own! Monday link-up.

    Check back later tonight when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! :)

  10. Marla says:

    Great recipe – sounds and so healthy. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Wildcrafting Wednesday Blog Hop!
    Marla recently posted…“5 More Superfoods For Super Health!”My Profile

  11. This looks great, and I love the different options!
    Thanks so much for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, I’ve pinned it :)

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