Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter, Extra Creamy

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Homemade Extra Creamy Sunflower Seed Butter


You may be thinking to yourself, “Really Tess?!  Make my own sunflower seed butter?!  As if I would go to the hassle to do THAT!!”

Well let me convince you.

  1. This requires no special skills.
  2. It is done in under 10 minutes.
  3. It is more frugal than store bought.
  4. And MOST importantly, the taste?  You simply cannot compare it to anything you’d purchase!!  My kids were lukewarm about sunflower seed butter until I started making my own.  Now, we polish off one batch about once a week.

I have been making my own sunflower seed butter for sometime now.

Peanut butter used to be a staple in our house.  Then my toddler started getting random hives in weird places around his body.  After about a week of this, I finally figured it out: his older sisters had taken to peanut butter toast for the week, and their touches from unwashed hands were causing the hives!

Now, with all peanut butter out of the house (a blood tests confirmed a high IgE to peanuts), we had to find a replacement.  Peanut butter was such an easy form of healthy protein for my picky kids!  Luckily, sunflower seed butter is equally as delicious, and my kids don’t notice the difference anymore.   AND now they ask for it all the time!

Storing:  Ours have never lasted too long, but we had one jar out for three weeks, in the pantry with no issues.  The oils in nuts and seeds do go rancid, so store in the fridge if you don’t mind it a bit firmer and don’t plan on consuming it within a few weeks.

Tools:  I used my 14 Cup Cuisenart Food Processor for this, and my Blend Tec.

Variations: A touch of vanilla and/or cinnamon makes for a special treat!  My kids love to mix in raisins and dip apples in it!

What about you guys, what creative flavor combinations can you think of?  Have you ever tried making your own, what was it like?

Extra Creamy Sunflower Seed Butter

4.9 from 30 reviews
Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter, Extra Creamy
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 cups, apx
A creamy, ultra-delicious spread for everything!
  • 4 cups roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds (you can roast your own by spreading raw seeds on a cookie sheet and baking in a 325 degree oven for about 15 minutes, until the seeds are turning golden and quite fragrant. Don't shortcut this step. You want them nice a toasty for the lovely flavor!)
  • 2-4 tablespoons light tasting oil (I prefer coconut oil or light olive oil). Play this by ear..some batches I add no oil, others I need to add 4 tablespoons!
  • ¼ teaspoon liquid stevia (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon salt (to taste, or omit entirely...depends on your tastebuds)
  1. In the bowl of a 14 cup food processor, place the toasted sunflower seeds and process. (If you have a smaller processor, reduce the seeds proportionately. There needs to be enough room for the seeds to move to convert to butter!)
  2. As mixture goes from a flour like consistency to clumping together (the oil is starting to be released from the heat of the machine and friction), add in 2 tablespoons of light tasting oil. Be patient, this can take a several minutes.
  3. Continue processing, and as the mixture continues to warm, it should turn creamy and smooth and whir happily, easily inside the bowl. If not, it is OK to add a bit more oil until the mixture is runny and whirring smoothly.
  4. Continue to process for another 2-3 minutes.
  5. Add in the stevia (or any liquid sweetener like honey or maple syrup), and salt to taste, and process to mix. You sunflower butter should be ready at this point...but....
  6. For an extra creamy punch, if you own a high powered blender, pour the mixture while still warm and liquidy into the blender cup and process one to two full cycles. (I have tried making it in my blender alone before and EVERY TIME it seemed like my blender was working WAY too hard to accomplish this, so I found the food processor/blender combo to be my best bet). If you do not have an high powered blender, it is also OK to process several more minutes in your processor for additional creaminess.

Here is the progression of steps: flour, to clumping, to whirring smoothly, to blender cycle for creaminess.

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When her third child was born with severe food allergies, Tessa took to the kitchen to figure out how to feed her family well. Always up for a culinary challenge, their journey has taken many twists and turns! Lots of Paleo, and lots of top 8 free. Good food for families, that's what she's about!

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149 comments on “Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter, Extra Creamy
  1. Kelly says:

    What blender/food processor do you have? I tried this and failed miserably with mine. We go through 2 jars a week so I am thinking this would eventually be a money saver if I made the investment of a good food processor.

  2. Rachael @ Determined Darling says:

    Oh this looks delicious! I’ve tried making nut butter in my food processor before but it’s just not powerful enough. Gotta start saving up 8)

  3. Balvinder says:

    This is the best butter I have seen. I am going to try it soon.

  4. Karen says:

    You said to toast the “unhulled” sunflower seeds — does that mean with or without the hulls?

  5. France @ Beyond The Peel says:

    One thing I have not tried is making my own nut butter, but I do like sunflower seed butter. I’m intrigued at the flavor difference and I’ll be trying this very soon.

  6. Anne @ Authentic Simplicity says:

    Hmmmm I might have to invest in a food processor. I do make this in my Vitamix, but I have to use almost as much oil as sunflower seeds (Ok, maybe half as much!) to get even remotely creamy. Not that I mind using that much oil, but if I don’t have to, that would be great!

  7. Laura @ Gluten Free Pantry says:

    What a rocking recipe Tessa! I spend waaaay too much on SunButter which my kids adore. I can’t wait to make my own thanks to your recipe and fabulous instructions and save a little bit at the same time!

  8. Vicky says:

    I really want to try this Tessa! I wonder if my blender is powerful enough though. Still no reason not to try! Thank you for the great directions and pictures!

  9. Andrea@simplylivinghealthy.org says:

    I’ve made my share of homemade nut butters with wonderful success…I’ve never tried sunflower seed butter. I can’t wait to try this…I love Sunbutter but it’s hit or miss to find the organic one without added sweetener, and sometimes the taste is a bit off. This will be perfect with my Gooey Sunbutter Brownies!

  10. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    Wow this looks so creamy and amazing!! Much better than store-bought, you have me convinced 😉

  11. Helen B, @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog says:

    This recipe looks so delicious!

    I am stopping over from the blog hop at Frugally Sustainable.

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  12. Kelli says:

    Where do you find the sunflower seeds that are not cross-contaminated with peanuts? We love sunbutter, and I would love to make my own.

  13. Tammy says:

    Where do you purchase your raw sunflower seeds? I have had a hard time finding some that has not been contaminated with peanut or peanut oil.

    • Geez Tammy & Kelly, I had never even heard of cross contamination issues…my son can’ EAT sunflower seed butter yet either…thanks for the heads up! I have been purchasing through iHerb and Amazon, now I will check to see where they are processed!

    • Laura W says:

      I don’t know where you live but if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby they sell “clean” sunflower seeds, raw or roasted, for about $2/lb. That’s where we buy our seeds!

      • Laura W says:

        Oh, also Gerb’s brand is safe. You can buy them on amazon or directly from their website. There’s usually a 20% off code floating around. They have both pumpkin & sunflower seeds. But they are more expensive than TJ’s.

      • Awesome Laura..I do buy then at TJ’s too…I have just never looked to see if they were in a clean facility! I will be now!

  14. Elisa says:

    I want to try this, but may have to get a better processor. I bought cheap one that has worked well so far, but it may not be powerful enough for this.

  15. Lindsay says:

    YUM, this looks divine. I love that it’s extra creamy. I think it would make cookies that use sunflower seed butter extra delicious!! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for looking out for those with nut allergies — this is going to come in handy for some dear friends of mine.

  16. Miz Helen says:

    Hi Tessa,
    What a great idea,my family is going to just love this, as they just love their sunflower seeds. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  17. Amanda @Natural Living Mamma says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this on Natural Living Monday! I was shopping the other day and thinking about buying some sun butter but it was OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive! I will definitely have to make some.

  18. Debra @ Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes says:

    That does look creamy! I am impressed.

    Thanks for linking to Healthy 2day Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!

  19. Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) says:

    I know all about those hives and PB :( I love sunbutter, I need to try to make out own! :) YUM, got this tweeted and pinned!

  20. Liza says:

    Hi this sounds great, I’ve been planning on making our own sunbutter for a while now. Only problem is that we don’t own a food processor, only a Vitamix. Is there any way we can make this entirely with the Vitamix blender?

    • Hi Liza…I talked about this in the post…the high powered blender just gives you the extra creamy part, but before i started using both appliances, I just did it in my food processor. It will not get quite as creamy, but is is still just as delicious. In general, the longer you process, the smoother it will be, so plan on at least 10 minutes of processing! Without a food processor, I am not sure it would work, but I do not have other appliances to test that out!

    • Ellen says:

      I had great success with my Vitamix. It took about two minutes.

  21. Good Girl Gone Green says:

    Yum! I need to make some!

  22. lib says:

    Oh I simply cannot wait to try this!! – will soak//dehydrate my seeds first…thanks for cracking the code!

  23. http://kitchen-rag.blogspot.com/ says:

    Hi Tessa,
    I saw this post on Real Food Wednesday.
    Yumm! I have to try this now! I don’t like buying sunflower butter but I love the taste of it. It would be the perfect breakfast on the go for me on a sour dough spelt toast and bee pollen sprinkled on top.

  24. Mary says:

    Hi, I made this recipe last week and it worked great. This week I made a double batch and for some reason it was a disaster. The food processor was going along great, I added the oil, then a fair amount of honey, and the whole thing clobbed up into a glue ball. The oil seemed to seperate and so the seed butter is gluey and the oil won’t incorporate into the mix. What in the world!!?? The seeds were right from the oven when I made this….was it all too hot??? I continued to process it to no avail. It’s still edible…just not pretty!LOL

    • Hmm, strange..that very thing has happened to me with random batches of coconut butter….but never this. It might have something to do with the doubling and the mixture never getting enough movement or heat to create the butter. Try a single batch…or try working with half of the mixture you have and see what happens. Let us know!

  25. Vicky says:

    Would this work with hulled seeds? It looks delicious!

  26. Mike says:

    I see some people asking about using a vitamix and not a food processor.

    This is what I do. I bought a $19 coffee grinder on Amazon.

    I put the sunflower seeds in a pan on the stove top. In less than 10 mins you can have them nice and golden brown. Just keep moving them around in the skillet.

    Put the seeds(they wont all fit at once) in the coffee grinder. Grind them for approx 12 seconds til you have it to a powder.

    Put the powder in your vitamix and blend on #5 for approximately 30 seconds. Wait a min. Keep doing this 2 – 3 more times and there you go your sunbutter is done.

    I also add 1/4 tsp vanilla and 1/4 tsp salt to the vitamix

  27. kelly says:

    Hi! I just made this today and it turned out wonderful!! I did the combined blending method using my food processor and Vitamix! Thank you for the great recipe. I have made this before but never with such creamy results :)

  28. Karynn says:

    I am excited to make this for my son who has a peanut allergy, but am wondering how long this will stay good for in the fridge…?

  29. Chelsea says:

    My boyfriend is allergic to peanut butter, and I am sorely missing my peanut butter topped english muffins for breakfast! I’m definitely going to have to try this out soon. Do you know if there is any health benefit to sunflower seed butter compared to peanut butter?

    • Hi Chelsea..sunflower seeds are different than peanuts..peanuts are legumes. Her is a wiki excerpt: From a nutritional perspective, sunflower butter contains almost four times as much vitamin E[8] as peanut butter, and about twice as much iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Peanut butter contains higher levels of protein and slightly less sugar and fat.[9]

  30. Marya says:

    I’ve been eyeing sunbutter for awhile but the Trader Joe’s brand has added sugar and the others are so expensive. You’ve convinced me the flavor is worth making it at home. I already make my own almond butter, which is so easy, so I’ll just add this into the rotation. Thanks, Tessa!

    • Adrin says:

      If you look at sunflower butter compared to almond butter at TJ’s its about the same sugar. Its just that sunflower seeds have no sugar and other nuts do.

  31. Tessa,

    I haven’t made sunbutter in so long, but really like it and can’t wait to try it again using your method. :)

    I’m guessing you don’t have to refrigerate the sunbutter, right? (I can’t remember how I stored it before…it’s been that long!)



  32. Just finished whipping up a batch and it’s great. I pinned and Facebooked this recipe. =) Now…I just read in the comments that you make coconut butter. I’m off to search your blog in hopes of finding that recipe. =)

  33. cate says:

    I made your recipe but i really really made the seeds toast. So my mixture came out really darkbrown. But I like the more smokey flavour ^^
    Thanks for good recipe.
    /cate fr sweden

  34. Nadia Amiel says:

    I have a Viking Professional food processor. I just made this butter and it didn’t come out creamy at all, very pasty in fact. The greenish color is also very unappealing. I had the same effect when I tried to make cashew butter. I kept adding coconut oil and maple syrup but after a while it just became dry. Any suggestions? I really would like to provide nut butters for my family.

    • Hi Nadia, bummer! Here are some thoughts: I have noticed that the mixture seizes or gets pasty/stiff when I add liquid sweetener. Was the there butter whirring smoothly before the sweetener was added? Strange on the green color….sunflower seeds react with acids to make a green color, but there are no acids in this recipe, not sure what happened there.

      Try these things:
      -make sure you are processing long enough. The seed butter should go from flour, to clumping, to one bog ball, and eventually, as the oils release…nut butter. One you achieve the running smoothly stage, you still have to let it go a bit longer.
      -food processor cup capacity:I use a 12 cup size. Mif yours is smaller, use less seeds….they need enough room and power to get to seed butter stage.
      -do not add any salt or sweetener until it is ultras creamy, and then try stirring it in by hand as a very last step. I have hunch on this one…it sometimes happens to me, sometimes not, and I am still trying to puzzle out the science on it. I think maybe if it ahas not released enough of it oils (not processed long enough)it seizes and turns pasty.

      Hope this helps Nadia! So sorry it was a bust for you!

  35. Jessy says:

    Does roasting sunflower seeds not ruin them nutrition-wise? I make all my nut (almond, coconut, peanut) butters raw, but when I made raw sunflower seed butter the flavour was quite bitter.

    • Hi Jessy! There are many opinions about that very issue. From what I can tell, antioxidants are reduced, and enzymes destroyed through toasting, but that does not crops cancel all the other health benefits of seeds and nuts. That’s my opinion though! I can imagine raw sunflower seed butter wouldn’t be tasty at all!

  36. Carrie Howat says:

    YOU ROCK!!
    Thanks for the recipe!
    I bought a blendtec blender at costco a few
    months ago on sale and it has changed my life!! I use it every day!
    I have so many stomach issues and allergies. After having babies I started noticing that certain foods caused me extreme pains in my stomach, made my cheeks burn bright red, caused my face to break out, soy makes me get welts……. So I guess i have more intolerances than actual severe life threating food allergies but I have definitely found that I feel so much better if I live a life sugar free, gluten free,soy free, dairy free, egg free.
    Excited to find your blog!
    What is your child allergic to?
    Thanks for having this blog and for being you!
    Happy Mothers DAy!!!

  37. Betsy says:

    Made this today and it turned out great! I only had 2 1/2 cups of seeds so I reduced the coconut oil to 2 TBLS and used 1/2 tsp salt.

    Taste is great, but it does have a pea greenish color. I only noticed when comparing my store-bought Sunbutter. Any ideas as to why?

  38. Tanya says:

    I made this yesterday in my food processor (someday I’ll own a high powered blender). Today I can’t walk pass my kitchen without stopping by my sunbutter and eating a spoonful. I used to do that with peanut butter as a kid but since my daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy I haven’t been able to indulge. I think I’m ready to buy more sunflower seeds to make more before I finish this jar. Yum!

  39. Debra C. says:

    This is easily done in my Vitamix. No need for a FP.

    • Sheryl says:

      Debra C, could you please share how you achieved success just using a Vitamix? I tried this last week and the mixture got horrible results. The mixture would not get smooth, and the more I processed in the vitamix, the hotter it got until finally, the mixture separated into a gummy disgusting ball with the oil separated on the side. It also smelled rancid. I think I allowed it to get much too hot. I’d love to try again, but not sure where I went wrong?

  40. Amy says:

    I’ve been making sunflower seed butter for while now with raw seeds that I soaked and then dried, but WOW, roasting the seeds makes it soooo much tastier!! And I love the tips to getting it really creamy. My kids have gone from not really liking the sunflower seed butter to loving it, so I am very very grateful. :)

  41. Nadia says:

    Thank you soooo much for this!!! I have tried making sunbutter in my vitamix but it never worked. I never would have thought of trying it in my 20 year old crappy food processor but it blended together just as you said it would. The combination of the food processor and vitamix made it super creamy :)

    And in case anyone else is wondering, I used 2 cups sunflower seeds and it worked just as well. Thanks again!!

    • Crazy how the two step process works so much better….in theory it should work in a high powered blender by itself, but I always get better results with the two step! Thanks for your feedback Nadia!

  42. Julie Moore says:

    Thanks for linking this up to my Back-To-School link-up on Natural and Free! This looks so easy and delicious and perfect for an after-school snack! :)

  43. Steve says:

    Great just bought half a kilo just over a pound of sunflower seeds so will give this a go has to be better than the margarine with things you cant pronounce in them. Will report again later today.

  44. As always, your recipes are simple, straight forward, allergy friendly and awesome. Thanks for Sharing on Natural Living Monday. Guess who is featured as one of our most popular posts last week? Because I don’t feature your awesomeness enough. 😉

  45. Becky says:

    We have a peanut allergy in our house too. Thanks for the recipe share and for the other folks piping in with no-cross-contamination seed sources.

  46. Tessa this looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing the recipe on Wildcrafting Wednesday!

  47. ErinK says:

    Hi! I should have bought stock in the store bought Sunflower Butter! We have a peanut allergy in our house, but we also have 5 kids. We go through a TON of SF butter!! I usually buy 2 5lb pails at a time…and we go through those in about 8 wks. I would love to make my own! Is there a website that sells Peanut Free sunflower seeds in bulk that you know of? Thanks, I can’t wait to try! :)

  48. Robert says:

    Thank you very much.
    Merry Christmas to you, your family and readers :-)

  49. alek s. says:

    Thanks for posting this. At first blender was unhappy. Then i took the mixture out and was inspired. I put a good inch of safflower oil in the blender, then started spooning the mixture in a spoon at a time and blending. awesome!!!! I feel like little house on the prairie! Cant wait to try with other nut butters.

    • Way to be resourceful Alek! Adding oil is always an option, and the amount you add changes the end viscosity….every batch of seeds i do can be different, so sometimes I need no oil, and other times I can add several tablespoons!

  50. John Fisher says:

    I am an avid lover of peanut butter, but have been looking for healtier substitutes. I like almond butter, but it’s quite a bit more expensive. I haven’t tried making my own, but even almonds are rather expensive. This looks like a good alternative.
    John Fisher recently posted…Angel By Thierry Mugler For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray Refillable 3.4 ozMy Profile

  51. Courtney says:

    My daughter’s Kindergarten does not allow any tree nuts and she loves Peanut butter sandwiches so this recipe is perfect for us! I made the recipe with roasted unsalted sunflower seeds from Trader Joes and Coconut oil (looked online and said it was okay for those with nut allergies) in my Blendtec and it came out delicious! I ran it a few times to get truely creamy but it came out great and my daughter approves! She is very excited about lunch tomorrow, thanks! I should have done salt to taste instead of dumping the listed amount in the mixture, next time I might put less for sodium/ taste reasons, but my daughter did not complain!

  52. Patsy says:

    Hi Tessa, just came across this receipe and made it; however the color of my nutbutter is much darker and almost greenish, any clue as to why? It taste ok but not what I’m use to. Just wondering if I did something wrong.. Thanks!

    • if you read in other comments Patsy, sunflower seeds are sensitive to pH levels…so any acid or acid residue will convert it the seeds into a green hue..totally harmless…and actually quite fun to play with around St Patty’s Day…we are talking BRIGHT green baked goods with sunflower seed butter and baking soda! If your seeds are darker, it mean that they have been more toasted…did you use roast your own seeds or pre-toasted?

  53. Ava says:

    thank you for this recipe. I think what I will do is try this with the sunflower seeds I’ve purchased for snacks and then I will test it on my great nieces and nephews. And when I make my granola bars, I will use this instead of peanut butter to see how my test subjects like it.

  54. Destiny says:

    Well I tried to just use my ninja food processor/blender to make this and it was fairly successful. Unfortunately my ninja is no more. I think I burnt out the motor. At least it made it to get this to a spreadable consistency and it is delicious.

    • Oh no Destiny! Bummer! I had a Ninja for a month, but sold it promptly as I was totally underwhelmed with it’s performance….I am so sorry yours burned out! Maybe a Blendtec or Vitamix in your future??!!

  55. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the recipe. It’s so easy to make and less expensive than store bought! Pinning it for future reference :)
    Kelly recently posted…Cascadian Farm and Parents Magazine GiveawayMy Profile

  56. Plum says:

    Can’t wait to try this, almond or cashew butter are so expensive to make as nuts here are expensive, but sunflower seeds are very affordable. I did burn out the motor of my 20+ year old mini blender trying to make coconut butter, lets hope the new one can cope with sunflower seeds.

  57. Angie says:

    I just finished making a batch of this and WOW! Thank you thank you thank you! Sun butter in the store here is very expensive and I usually can’t find the one without any added sugar at all! This was extremely easy and I followed your recipe exactly using my Cuisinart Prep 11 plus food processor! I actually skipped putting it into my Vitamix as well, because well…I just LOVED the texture as it was after the processor! Thank you again so very much for sharing your recipe!

  58. Thom Pantazi says:

    I have to say I was not only delighted, my wallet popped out of my pocket and did a Snoopy dance on my desk!
    A few months ago, my better half talked me into a wildly restrictive diet. No dairy, no pasta, no wheat, no grain, no white potatoes and NO PEANUTS! I don’t miss peanuts so much as I miss peanut butter. To me, delicious is sitting down with a jar of Jif and a spoon. Gourmet is adding a banana. :-)
    Well one day I found Sunbutter at our local supermarket and figured I’ll give it a try. It was amazingly like my old lost friend. The fact that it cost $7.00 for the same size jar that you would call the travel size Jif was a bit worrying. Then as I started to use it up, I realized why we bought those “bulk” sized jars of Jif before. That little jar I paid $7.00 for lasted me all of three days. I would have to rethink my sources. Well, I figured I could find a bulk supplier or cheaper brand.
    So off to Google. To my amazement, the cost online was at least as high if not more! Then I saw this link to recipes. I checked one, and it was more like hummus than peanut butter. I began to feel that sense of grief and loss some people associate with the passing of a loved one. Suddenly, I stumbled on your recipe.
    Now I am confident I will not have to remortgage the house or cash in my 401k. I thank you, my wife thanks you, my four daughters thank you and my five sons thank you. (Yes, you read that correctly four plus five equals nine children)

  59. Sara says:

    Just came across this recipe, and I’m so excited to try it for my nut (among others) allergic child. We go through SunButter frequently, so I’m hoping this can help cut some costs. I just had a question. Instead of coconut oil, can sunflower oil be used? I’m thinking it might make it taste closer to SunButter brand..but I’m not sure how it would work with this recipe. Thanks! :)

    • Hi Sara! ANy oil will work great…but many times it is not necessary…so play it by ear! I certainly know the benefit of shaving a few dollars here and there as you can when you grocery shop with food allergies!

  60. michelle mom of 6 says:

    I have been making sun butter off and on since last year. Today I really had a taste for it, and stumbled upon your website. I decided to give it a try with warm raw honey, a little bit of cane sugar,a little bit of salt to balance out the flavor,and a little something different, organic coconut oil. It tastes pretty good, puts me in remembrance of the Chico sticks I used to gobble up when I was little. This is definitely a keeper.

  61. trisha says:

    Such a good and easy recipe. I love it so much. Thank you

  62. Adrin says:

    Should you soak the seeds before roasting them?

  63. Wilma Streeter says:

    I just made the sunflower butter in my vitamix and it turned out perfect. This is the butter I’ll use from now on. Only thing is I only had sunflower seeds with salt so I used a little more honey to drown it out. Thanks alot.

  64. Stephanie says:

    We have an Oster blender/processor combo, and it made very delicious sunflower seed butter. I started grinding up some sunflower seeds, but it was just a powder at first. I quickly googled sunflower seed butter and found your site. I added some coconut oil, and it turned out great! Thanks!

  65. Barbara says:

    Ugh! I tried to make this in my cuisenart and vitamix and it turned out like glue . Wasted a whole bunch of sunflower seeds!

    • Huge bummer Barbara, always frustrating! If you provide me more details, I might be able to trouble shoot what went wrong…two best guesses would be the seeds themselves or the length of time whirred/heat issues.

  66. Michele Rogan says:

    I am sooo looking forward to trying your recipe. I basically got very addicted to Marathana Sunflower seed butter(contains only raw seeds and salt) and then all the stores in my area stopped carrying it!The nerve! I got fed up and tried making some on my own w/o a recipe and it didn’t turn out too well.(I’ll spare you the details)
    I have a pretty powerful blender so I’m hoping I can do it w/o a food processor. I know you recommend toasting the seeds, but I eventually want to make with sprouted/dehydrated SF seeds. Any suggestions for me?

  67. Blythe says:

    I tried making this in my Ninja food processor but the engine burned out. I put it in a cheaper brand food processor and the engine burned out of that one too. I only used 2 cups of sunflower seeds and its like the consistency of play dough :( I even added more oil trying to get it to work, but it won’t change from the play dough consistency.

  68. Carol says:

    THANK YOU!! Worked like a charm in my Vitamix! 😀 Only needed to add 1 Tbl. of coconut oil. My house smells divine too. 😉 Awesome!!

  69. allison says:


    If you have a Blendtec, then have you considered reaching out to Blendtec for the new updated blender jars?

    I would love to see an update of your sunflower seed butter recipe using the Twister jar which they made specifically for nut butters.

    They should give you the jars for free in exchange for doing recipes with those jars.

    Many of us have the Blendtec but not the Wildside or Twister jars and are curious how well they work vs a processor which many people I know (including myself) don’t have.


    • Hi Allison…I do have the Twister Jar. I like it for small amount of liquids….if you have small amounts of liquids…the larger jars don;t work as well. And while it works well with nut butters…I still prefer using my larger jar…otherwise I would have to make 3 batches in the Twister jar for the same amount. The wildside jar is great for larger amounts…I am glad I have all three…they all get mileage in my house!

  70. With the high price of nut butters, this recipe is just what we need to benefit from them while saving a lot of money. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Would this method work with raw nuts and seeds?
    Deborah Davis recently posted…Not My Momma’s Collard Greens: Mean Greens, Vegan StyleMy Profile

  71. kristishaw says:

    I used 2 1/2 c sunflower seeds to 5 TBS sunflower oil. I have a kitchenaid food processor and it took 10-15 min to churn with some patience but it paid off! Delicious. Thanks!

  72. Urban Sprout says:

    Made this today and it is crazy delicious and addictive! I tried it as an experiment and just started with one cup of sunflower seeds. I have an inexpensive Black and Decker food processor and it whipped this up in no time. I used local honey and organic unrefined coconut oil with a pinch of salt. Heaven!

  73. Cassandra says:

    I’ve made this sunflower butter numerous times since I found your recipe while googling!! The BEST recipe out there!
    Whips up in no time and tastes so much better.
    So happy that I now don’t have to use store bought, I can make my own.

  74. Suzy says:

    I made this and was doing fine until adding coconut oil to the already smooth mixture. Coconut oil in cooler temps hardens; therefore, olive oil would be a better choice of oil unless you live in the tropics 365 days of the year. After the coconut oil, my batch turned to a clump of paste.

    • you know Suzy…I have had issues with that when I add liquid sweeteners occasionally…I haven’t figured out why it seizes sometimes…but I have never had the issue with coconut oil. Strange! And if it is already smooth, no need to add extra oil…the oil is there as an option as some seeds have less oil than others and need the extra assist!

  75. Trisha says:

    I attempted to make almond butter a few times and have yet to be successful. So, I randomly searched sunflower butter and came across your recipe. I was a little scared after my failed attempts so I roasted about 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds then grind it up in my nutribullet milling Blade and used the extraction blade after. It wasn’t as creamy as yours but the coconut oil & honey gave it a great texture.

    • Yes…high powered blenders are unique in that way Trisha! But the flavor still the same regardless…thanks for sharing your experience, glad u found one that works! Try the same.method for almonds, should work!

  76. Pen Gleason says:

    This turned out an excellent product. I used one cup of seeds to try this out and light olive oil. I used a Nutri-bullet nut blade to blend it. I came across your recipe looking for sunflower seed butter. Sunflower seeds have great nutritional value and I will be doing this often.

  77. Melita says:

    I just made half a batch using olive oil and honey. As some people mentioned before after adding honey it hardened and turned pasty and stiff. To solve this just add a bit more oil and keep processing. It will go from flour, to clamping to whirring smoothly till it eventually turns into butter consistency again. I think it is the amount of oil (either released from the seeds or added) that determines the smoothnes.
    Thank you for the recipie.

  78. Estelle says:

    Oh my god..I’ve just made it. I have started on a candida diet few days ago..and I just had to eat something good, and filling and something anti candida. I have a very bad blender, but since I didnt want to add more oil I add some water..of course it turned out not so creamy as yours, but anyway it was amazing treat and just what I needed. I must get a proper food processor/blender. Thank you!

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